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7:00 PM EDT $18.48 -0.02

Raw Material Surcharges

View the monthly Raw Material Surcharges for hundreds of Carpenter alloys. Generally, surcharges are updated by noon (U.S. Eastern Time) on the first business day of each month.


2020 Raw Materials Surcharges 


Powder Products


Latrobe raw material surcharges - for Latrobe orders and contracts prior to March 1, 2013.


RMS Archive

Raw Materials Surcharges 2019 (Cast/Wrought)

Raw Materials Surcharges 2019 (Powder Products)

Raw Materials Surcharges 2018 (Cast/Wrought)

Raw Materials Surcharges 2018 (Powder Products)

Raw Materials Surcharges 2017

Raw Material Surcharges 2016

Raw Material Surcharges 2015

Raw Material Surcharges 2014

Raw Material Surcharges 2013

Raw Material Surcharges 2012 

Raw Material Surcharges 2011

Raw Material Surcharges 2010

Raw Material Surcharges 2009

Raw Material Surcharges 2008


Surcharge Policy
Surcharges are calculated for each Carpenter alloy based upon a complicated formula utilizing the chemical composition of the alloy, the effective non-coverable yield from melt, and the delta between the 1999 base values and the current market values. Surcharges are applicable at time of shipment unless otherwise stated at order entry. 

Current market values are obtained from various industry publications and the RMS calculation is based upon the previous monthly average of these elemental prices. In the event that raw material prices fluctuate more than +/- 10% from the previous month, Carpenter reserves the right to modify the current monthly surcharge.

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