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Superior Aerospace Alloys Engineered for the Commercial and Defense Aircraft of Tomorrow  

Carpenter Technology's expert metallurgists and technical service professionals continue to make advancements in high-quality iron-, nickel-, cobalt-, and titanium-based aerospace alloys, which contribute to improvements in aerodynamics, weight reduction, fuel efficiency, heat resistance, strength, and functionality.

Several of the world's foremost leaders in the Aerospace market partner with Carpenter to supply specialty alloy, superalloy, stainless steel, and titanium material solutions that are aligned with the current and future needs of key sectors, including commercial and defense aviation, manned aircraft, and unmanned systems.


Unique Solutions for Design Challenges

The future needs of aviation stakeholders include a combination of airframe and engine design innovation coupled with new materials solutions. Rethinking the boundaries of specialty alloys and how existing alloys can be used as new solutions to design challenges is a key to future success. Some examples include:

CarTech? Thermo-span? alloy: Enabling new engines to achieve optimal efficiency
CarTech Pyrowear? 53 stainless: Enabling advances in engine reliability and efficiency
CarTech Custom 465? stainless: High strength stainless steels for light weight parts for engines
CarTech Custom 475? stainless: High strength, high toughness, corrosion resistant steel for landing gear


Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing

Carpenter Powder Products continue to pioneer the use of metal powder metallurgy for additive manufacturing (3D metal printing) processes to produce complex components and parts. CarTech Micro-Melt? powders offer a superior homogenous, fine, and super clean microstructure for chemical uniformity, shape, density, and flow.


Specialty Alloys for Critical Applications

Carpenter's superior products and materials are used in a wide variety of mission-critical applications, including turbine engines and pylons, landing gear assemblies, high lift devices (wing flap and slats), avionics and auxiliary power units (APU), as well as functional precision components (fasteners and gears).

The diverse materials portfolio of more than 300 grades of specialty alloys, superalloys, stainless steels, titanium, and metal powders make it possible for our customers in the Aerospace market to produce high-performance aerostructure and precision components able to withstand extreme pressure, heat, temperature variation, and stress.

Turbine Engines

CarTech? 718; CarTech Waspaloy, CarTech M-50, CarTech 41, CarTech 901, CarTech 625, CarTech Pyrowear? 53; CarTech Pyrowear 675, and Controlled Expansion Superalloys

Pylon Components

CarTech 718 and CarTech A-286

Landing Gear

CarTech 300M; CarTech 35NCD16; CarTech AerMet? 100; CarTech AerMet 310; CarTech Custom 465?, and CarTech Ferrium? M54?*

High Lift Devices

CarTech Custom 465 and CarTech 15-5 PH

Avionics / APU

CarTech Hiperco? 27 and CarTech Hiperco 50


Aircraft Grade Titanium; CarTech A-286; CarTech 718; CarTech MP35N; and CarTech Waspaloy


CarTech Pyrowear 53; CarTech Pyrowear 675; CarTech Ferrium C61? and CarTech Ferrium C64?*


Regardless of the objective—passenger transport, freight and cargo, protection and defense, or exploration and discovery—Carpenter Technology supports our customers in the Aerospace market with specialty alloy, superalloy, stainless steel, and titanium material solutions that enable them to reach new heights.


Quality Assurance to Fulfill Customer Needs

Carpenter Technology specialty alloy materials exhibit the physical and chemical properties required to meet and exceed aerospace standards for various applications. Carpenter Technology facilities are regulated in accordance with the latest requirements and operating process procedures set forth by various international, federal, and industry quality management systems—including ISO 9001 and AS9100—to ensure our customers receive consistent, high-quality aerospace alloys.

Access and download Carpenter Technology’s quality assurance and laboratory certifications.


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* Manufactured and sold under license from QuesTek Innovations, LLC. Ferrium C61, Ferrium C64 and Ferrium M54 are registered trademarks of Questek LLC.

*MP35N is a registered trademark of SPS Technologies, Inc.

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